New York's Finest Private Investigators

Civil Investigations

Civil investigations help uncover and assemble the information needed for a civil trial. These investigations are designed to assist in information gathering. surveillance, and provide services for our clients involved in litigation.

When investigating a civil matter, it is crucial to gather and produce all necessary information in order to win your case.

There are different kinds of civil investigations. Some of the common ones are:

  • Domestic surveillance
  • Personal injury investigations
  • Workers compensation investigations
  • Background checks
  • Asset searches
  • Missing persons investigations
  • Child custody and child abuse investigations
  • Marital investigations

Criminal Investigations

Criminal investigation is an applied since in which there is a study of facts to identify, locate and prove the guilt of an accused criminal or prove whether a crime took place or not. A complete criminal investigation usually includes searching, interviewing, interrogations, collection and preservation of evidence and other various techniques of investigations.

A crime is an intended action that is against the rule s of law for a community. Some actions that go under a criminal include sexual assault, physical assault, murder, theft, property damage, vandalism, homicide, and kidnapping.

Some techniques used in a criminal investigation are interviews, crime scene photography, surveillance, background checks, and document searches. Since computers have become an essential part of today’s world, computer forensics is also used to find information.

Criminal investigations involves many actions, including:

  • Client consultation
  • Obtaining and analysis police reports
  • Review and analysis of documents and evidence
  • Review of prior witness statements
  • Witness interviews and re-interviews
  • Seeking out new witness and evidence
  • Comprehensive report preparation
  • Courtroom testimony where necessary

NYFPIS also canvasses the area where the incident occurs, taking photos of the area and looking for additional witnesses.